Films that speak truth

Film projects for 2021

A family of Brexit protestors with placards including "My future is brighter with EU" and "Hands off our f-EU-ture".


“Brexit is breaking something inside us. We need to talk.” A local community initiative to capture emotions and implications of Brexit for Brits in Belgium at this historic time.

Doctors wearing surgical gowns and masks.

Without Borders

French NGO Gynécologie Sans Frontières raises awareness of women’s needs in France and parts of francophone Africa.  It advocates better support, notably around pregnancy and childbirth, providing medical care and training where needed.

Peter Owen-Jones

The Heat is On

Peter Owen-Jones, environmental activist, author and parish priest, will present the UK’s first 100% community-owned biomass district heating project: a social enterprise established in rural Surrey in 2015 provides sustainable heating and hot water to retired seafarers.