Who Speaks For The Butterflies?

In ‘Who Speaks For The Butterflies?’ Peter Owen-Jones, environmental activist, author and parish priest, explores a Surrey-based woodland management initiative that promotes biodiversity and uses waste wood for a community biomass heating solution.

The film highlights the benefits of efforts to re-create corridors for wildlife to pass through, and ultimately rekindle abundance from patches of dejected darkness. Benefits include the return of many butterfly species, such as the rare Wood White.

While speaking to participants, Peter Owen-Jones reminds us that there are many facets to taking action for a sustainable future. We can’t oversimplify. Rather we can learn from one another, especially when it comes to taking care of woodlands, making them inhabitable again and rethinking our relationship with nature. This film celebrates the quiet passion of individuals focused on getting things right for the long term.

‘Who Speaks For The Butterflies?’ has been selected for several festivals, namely:

  • Berlin Indie Film Festival 2023 (Best Green & Environment award)
  • International Nature and Environmental Protection Festival 2023
  • IMEFF – International Migration and Environmental Film Festival 2023 (honourable mention)
  • Films For The Forest 2023
  • I Will Tell International Film Festival 2023
  • BC Environmental Film Festival 2023
  • Women Over 50 Film Festival 2023
  • EKOFILM 2023
  • Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2023

The film also features, with more background information on related projects, on a dedicated website: https://rosemarylanewoods.uk/

Title screen for the film 'Who Speaks for the Butterflies'
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