Other projects

In addition to making our independent documentary films, we are happy to provide multimedia support for projects we believe in. Examples of our work include:

A collage of views of just the eyes of people's faces with the words 'They Care About Us' in front

They Care About Us


In 2022 the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), OpenLab Brussels and CIVIS selected us to make a short film presenting the ULB student organisation ‘Law Students With Refugees.‘ We spent a day with student volunteers and other stakeholders involved in processing asylum seekers, to document challenges in meeting their needs and upholding their rights. The film touches upon the plight of people forced to leave their homes and countries in search of a safer life, and the importance of understanding individual stories to help each person’s skills and talent to shine through.

Students filming

Documentary Filmmaking from A to Z


In 2023 we launched a short learning offer for Brussels-based aspiring documentary filmmakers. Our goal is to work in small groups so we can provide an honest and hands on starter kit to communications and media graduates and other professionals with a story to tell. Our participant feedback to date has been excellent: “This course has been nothing short of a revelation, offering a comprehensive and realistic insight into the intricacies of crafting an own Documentary Filmmaking project.”

Looking across a field to snow-topped mountains in the distance

En Un Mot


In 2023 we were invited by the association FUSO FRANCE to make a short film about families coping with dyslexia and other special educational needs. It is estimated that at least one in 10 children has specific learning needs, but very few educational offerings seek to understand and meet those needs in well-adapted, inclusive ways. As we prepare to attend the tenth anniversary event of this parent-led French association that provides laptops with customised functionalities and bespoke training to families, we celebrate individuals trying to plug the gaps of our normative educational systems.

An illustration of a running woman passing a flag to a running man. They are on a path and there is a target at the end of the path.

Make Ethics Real


In 2024 we will work with Integrity Matters to develop multimedia content in support of a programme designed to help ethics and compliance professionals develop the competencies and skills needed to excel in complex roles. There is generally insufficient support for individuals tasked with embedding a culture of integrity within their organisations, but insights gathered from seasoned professionals and a selection of experts can help individuals take stock and develop a personalised learning solutions.