They Care About Us

In 2022 we were asked by the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), OpenLab Brussels and CIVIS to make a short film presenting Brussels-based non-profit ULB student organisation ‘Law Students With Refugees.‘ This gave us a day to follow and speak to student volunteers and other stakeholders about the processing of asylum seekers and challenges in meeting their need and upholding their rights.

The film touches upon the plight of millions of people forced to leave their homes and countries in search for a safer life. It also shows the importance of understanding individual stories and helping refugees rebuild their lives, with the support needed for their skills and talent to shine through.

‘They Care About Us’ was screened and debated at the ULB in October 2022 and selected for the Refugees Welcome Film Festival 2022.

A collage of views of just the eyes of people's faces with the words 'They Care About Us' in front
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